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Success Story

Woodstock Gas in Woodstock, Georgia has been transformed during the last few years through a series of improvements.  According to Mike Hill, company president, the changes have resulted in improved profitability, more satisfied customers and happier employees.

“One of the fundamental changes we made was in sales and customer service. This is where we chose to partner with Coscia Communications. Relying on an outside specialist instead of trying to do this training ourselves worked best. Coscia’s inexpensive bundle of videos, online tools and testing made it an easy choice. Our customer satisfaction has turned around to a steady growth and greater profitability.”

Ferrell North America has been a proud sponsor at many of the below Propane Gas Chapter Meetings where Steve Coscia has taught customer service.

Minnesota Propane Association

Wisconsin Propane Association

Atlanta NPGA Conference

West Virgina Propane Gas Association

Pennsylvania Propane Association

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