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When Customers Decline

When Customers Decline

When customers decline a service professional’s recommendation, this must be documented for future reference. The person with the best notes always wins.

A service professional’s paperwork should be complete, especially when customers decline a vital parts replacement. This way, if the part fails soon afterward and the customer calls to complain, the service professional’s documented recommendation will be on record to minimize arguments and confusion later on.

The below 60-second video explains in more detail.

When I train my client’s employees, a key concept is:  A customer’s perception of your helpful attitude and professionalism results in the Halo Effect which permits your positive characteristics to dominate the way you’re viewed by customers.

What customers perceive is their reality and soft pause or the lack thereof will impact customer interactions. Listening to a customer is another likable factor – such as when you make the customer feel like they’re being understood.

Building Rapport

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Steve Coscia

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