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UA Local 137 – Springfield IL

UA Local 137 – Springfield IL

Andy Fuchs, the Training Coordinator at UA Local 137 Plumbers and Steamfitters, is a man of vision and action.  He had a vision about adding value to Springfield, IL contractors and UA Local apprentices.

Andy’s vision involved soft skills training that would raise the bar in terms of customer service and business success. I was asked to deliver two separate seminars: one for contractors and a second seminar for apprentices.

In attendance were office staff, dispatchers, managers, technicians, installers and company owners.

The instructional design objective was to keep the content relevant.

We achieved this when a technician’s incomplete service invoice was displayed on a PowerPoint slide resulting in an eruption of attendee remarks.  The play-by-play case study made this real.

Everyone related to this inefficiency.

The half-day contractor seminar was designed to enhance every customer touch point: the phone, face-to-face interaction, paperwork and the internet. Videos, phone call recordings and PowerPoint featured a lively multimedia mix.

Service operations and teamwork were covered with animated illustrations that featured advanced and sequential definitions of how synergy, effectiveness and efficiency impact teamwork, morale, output and profitability.

After the animated display, attendees completed an interactive word puzzle, about teamwork, designed to ensure information retention for future use.

Keeping seminar attendees engaged requires a variety of exercises using numerous training methods.

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Contractor Value Bundle

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The UA Local 137 training facility is state-of-the-art so the multimedia content was professionally featured.  It’s the perfect venue with ample space for flip chart exercises and role playing.

John Langheim, another UA Local 137 instructor, attended both seminars to gain soft skill training insight.  Both seminars utilized the same workbook, but the similarities ended there.

The two audiences required different case study anecdotes and a few different PowerPoint slides.

The apprentice seminar also included my own lessons learned when service others.  These lessons can be harsh and it’s best to NOT sugar coat life’s realities.

For me, it’s fun speaking with instructors who “get it” when it comes to instructional design, page layout and curriculum development.

After working together for two days, Andy, John and I were like old friends.  Special thanks to everyone at UA Local 137 – Springfield IL.

L to R: Andy Fuchs, me and John Langheim

During the last week, I conducted six seminars in two states (Indiana and Illinois).  This week begins in St. Louis and ends in Louisiana.  Putting lots of mileage on that pickup.

Serving wonderful clients, meeting smart & exciting employees and enjoying tasty food.

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