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Making A Positive Difference!

Making A Positive Difference!

Two years ago, Pat Enochs, HVAC Instructor, at Tulsa Tech asked a question that resulted in a mutual benefit.  Enochs inquired about our exam and textbook page number correlation.

After fulfilling his request, I thought other instructors may have similar needs, so the textbook, Instructor’s Guide, exam and crossword puzzle were revised and improved.

And thus began a friendship between Pat Enochs and I.

Pat Enochs and instructor, Jimmy Hawley, learned that I’d be driving from my Pennsylvania office to HVAC Excellence in Las Vegas, and they asked me to visit Tulsa Tech to share soft skills insight.

Luckily, I was already serving Tulsa’s UA Local 439 Pipefitters, Steamfitters and Sprinklerfitters so being nearby simplified the logistics.

Tulsa Tech has been using my company’s customer service textbooks and curriculum for a few years.  And this year, one of their students won 1st place in the regional and state SkillsUSA Customer Service competition.

“We are so proud that Deshia Peters won the regional and state Customer Service championship,” said instructor Jimmy Hawley. “This is a testament to the positive difference we can make in serving the future workforce.”

When Deshia Peters got into his customer service groove, it was so good that it won him first place in a state SkillsUSA championship.

Pat Enoch and Jimmy Hawley are instructors at Tulsa Tech, in Tulsa Oklahoma, and they utilize my HVAC Customer Service Handbook in their soft skills curriculum.

Peters, a student at Tulsa Tech had done so well in the customer service portion of his class that instructors Enoch and Hawley, enrolled him in the SkillsUSA state championships, Customer Service Division.

SkillsUSA partners with students teachers and industry to promote a technical education with programs events and competition.  The Customer Service Division competition is recent and due to all the emphasis placed on workforce development and soft skills as key career factors.


Deshia Peters and Jimmy Hawley at the SkillsUSA competition.

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“We are so proud that Deshia Peters won the regional and state Customer Service championship,” said instructor Jimmy Hawley.

In preparation for my Tulsa Tech visit, the college administrators made students and faculty aware of the special program.  The college staff did a terrific job in getting the word out.

On the day of my visit, the auditorium was filled with eager students and faculty who were thoroughly engaged and interested. What a fun program!

College advisory boards seek more soft skills curriculum to boost student job placement.

Today’s employers expect job candidates to possess technical skills, however an employee’s soft skills determine whether he or she achieves long term employment.

What are soft skills? A positive attitude, being on time, teamwork, listening, personal accountability, empathy and flexibility are just a few valuable soft skill behaviors that employers seek.

It appears that Tulsa Tech is making a positive difference in the lives of our future workforce.

College advisory boards seek more soft skills curriculum to boost student job placement.

HVAC Excellence Highlights!

For the second time, Dave Boyd and I opened HVAC Excellence with a rousing musical routine.

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