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Steve's the MAN , we have had him in our place several times and our people have always "bought in " the idea of the Customer experience! Steve also practices what he preaches!

Steve Coscia’s new DVD, Convert Phone Calls into More Sales, is real powerful.  We use this DVD here for our sales training.  Common sense ideas and very innovative.  Great resource!

I just finished reviewing Steve's new DVD, Contractor Soft Skills, and Steve has done it again. He has provided the type of affordable, and repeatable training our employees need every year. I have hired Steve to come into our facility and train plus purchased most everything he has to offer. I would advise anyone with a need for customer service training to hire him and don't think twice about it. It will be money well invested.

We at Remington College are thankful that Steve Coscia visited us to teach a soft skills class to our HVAC students.

Your course has proved very effective in training new students in the important Soft Skills needed in our industry and we are grateful.

Learning these skills sooner than later is ideal for the two years remaining in the UA Local 33 apprenticeship program.  Steve’s book and seminar are relevant instruction that helped me to build more confidence when serving customers.

We like the new textbook and PowerPoint. It is more streamline and flows through the topics in an easy-to-understand and logical sequence.

We have been using Coscia’s textbooks and curriculum materials since 2009. Coscia’s curriculum gives our students the customer service edge and this improves our student retention and our student’s placement.

With your soft skills curriculum, our student learn about service through the eyes of the customer and the scripting suggestions in the textbook enable students to apply proper communication skills,

Our call center has 30 agents and your book, TELE-Stress has been helpful in reducing our agent stress level and increasing agent productivity. Thanks You.

Our residential HVAC revenue is up 30% in the first 6 months after we started working with Steve. Our employees really learn from the Coscia Training System. It is easy and very engaging. I do the training myself.

I have just finished reading your book, Customer Service Over the Phone and found it very insightful and useful.

The practical strategies in Customer Service Over the Phone have enabled Brasil Telecom to surpass the competition as a service provider.

Your book - Customer Service Over the Phone, certainly becomes my bible, guided me through many challenging moments. I have since shared these useful tips and guidelines with my team and many of my colleagues.

After our initial consultation with Steve, we noticed an immediate increase in positive comments about our call takers from both customers and vendors. I am glad we hired Steve. His training continues to help us in our efforts to deliver top notch customer service

Thank you for your workshop at our meeting on "Customer Service." As you can tell by the attached Feedback Express results, everyone derived a great deal of beneficial information from the presentation.

I reviewed your Customer Service Stress Relief video and I think it is great.

One of my inside people gained so much confidence on the telephone that I gave her some proactive telephone duties. In one month, she sold an extra $15,000 in maintenance contracts. Thanks Steve!

Customer Service Over the Phone has been a helpful tool in training, not only our guest relations staff, but employees who serve internal customers.

I have read your book “Customer Service Over the Phone” twice and found it so complete and full of common sense approaches that I have supplied copies to all of our 28 CSR Managers.

I have found that your professional demeanor and ability to resolve problems has been one of the best that I have encountered.

I have personally gained valuable knowledge from your book, CUSTOMER SERVICE OVER THE PHONE.  Thanks again for your commitment to customer support.

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