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Sprinkler Heads And Workplace Stress – A Toxic Combination

Sprinkler Heads and Workplace Stress – A Toxic Combination

Mechanical workers in the HVAC, fire protection and plumbing trades share a common dilemma.  And it’s not the mechanical parts… it’s the people.

Ordering replacement sprinkler heads should be stress free, right?

Coworkers can sometimes add more stress and make things worse as depicted in the video below.

Experience has taught me that the best Stress Relief strategy is not to get there in the first place.

While it sounds easy – it’s not.  Professionals who wish to experience less on-the-job stress should invest more time in improving constructive behaviors.

Positive behaviors can become positive habits.

This takes time and I assure you it’s worth the investment.  So ask yourself, are sprinkler heads and workplace stress – a toxic combination?  Watch the video to learn more.

The best stress relief remedy is to not get there in the first place!


The best service professionals learn to master self-control.  Trying to control other people, equipment, traffic and the weather is ludicrous.  The only things within your sphere of control is you, your thoughts and your behavior.

As self-control improves, so will stress relief.  Get our DVD to learn more.

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