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Steve Coscia On CNBC Power Lunch

Steve Coscia on CNBC Power Lunch

Interview with Steve Coscia on CNBC Power Lunch. Bill Griffith asks about Steve’s book, Tele-Stress.

Steve Coscia conducted the customer service industry’s first study on the physical and emotional manifestations of stress in the phone service environment.

The behaviors that enable phone professionals to be more persuasive begin with self-confidence in the knowledge of their company’s services, value deliverables, policies and procedures. It is this self-confidence that makes a person more comfortable in building a relationship. When you are confident and comfortable – you’re also much more likable. Service companies who seek to convert caller inquiries into more business must focus on being more relational and less transactional.

A persuasive service professional understands that there is a process in helping our customer to make a choice. And that is exactly what our role is – we help by being prepared, listening intently, being empathetic and asking the correct questions. See our DVD, Convert Phone Calls Into More Sales.

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Contractor Value Bundle

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Where Am I Going Next?

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Steve Coscia

The road from professional musician to thirty-year customer service veteran to best-selling author and speaker is not a typical career path, but Steve Coscia may have started a new trend.

Coscia is one of the most widely published and quoted authorities in the customer service industry. He has published more than 200 articles, four books and a series of training DVDs. His college curriculum is taught at institutions of higher learning throughout the United States and Canada.

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