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Long Term Consulting & Coaching

  • Train Office Staff, Managers and Technicians
  • Service Operation Assessment and Efficiency

Steve’s consulting expertise is derived from more than 20 years of customer service and quality management. Steve’s background as an ISO 9000 Internal Auditor enables Steve to surface process bottlenecks. Using his expertise in process flowcharting, Steve illustrates system constraints along with the optimal improvements required to relieve the bottlenecks.

“After our consultation with Steve, we had an immediate increase in positive comments about our call takers from customers and vendors. I’m glad we hired Steve. His training continues to help in our efforts to deliver top notch customer service.”

Scott Robinson, President Apple Heating and Cooling


“One of my company’s inside people gained so much confidence on the telephone that I gave her some proactive telephone duties.  In one month, she sold an extra $15,000 in maintenance contracts.  Thanks Steve!”

Dave Peppelman, Owner Christian Heating & Air Conditioning


Office Staff

The hard-working employees at Moncrief Heating & Air in Atlanta, GA pose with Steve Coscia after his training session.

Office staff, phone reps and dispatchers learn to influence customers with their vocal tone, empathy and persuasion. Steve’s proven methods have been implemented at hundreds of companies worldwide.

Supervisors & Managers

Technicians at Howell's Heating and Air in Ashland, VA pose with Steve after a customer service workshop. Great smiles!

Supervisors and managers are coached in disciplines such as setting performance expectations, developing job skills, establishing priorities, time management, delegation and taking corrective action.


Commercial and residential technicians learn to maximize soft skills in everyday customer interactions. In Steve’s seminars, technicians learn to differentiate their service and convey value.

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