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National Piano Month – Two Tunes

National Piano Month – Two Tunes

Did you know that September is National Piano Month?

The National Piano Foundation (NPF) celebrates National Piano Month every September.  In honor of this celebratory event, I will post a series of piano pieces (they’ll be brief, I promise) each week.

I believe that education should include a strong focus on the arts so that children can expand their full potential.  When I was growing up, music classes were my favorite and this passion has served me well over the years.  Music provides a balance for creativity, leisure and discipline.

I hope you enjoy the renditions of Pennies From Heaven and Watch What Happens. Enjoy!

If you want to see more fun piano playing experiences along with my early years of piano lessons, CLICK HERE.  Of all of my life’s activities, it is music that brings the most joy.

When there is a piano nearby, at a trade conference hotel, the smiles and happiness among conference attendees delivers harmony and closeness.

I am thankful for the ability to play piano at this stage of my life.

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  1. Having played a few instruments as young child I remain amazed at the selections that you are able to play from memory without sheet music….

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