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HVACR Education And Flip Charts

HVACR Education and Flip Charts

The nice PHCC folks invited me to speak at this week’s PHCC CONNECT conference in Hollywood, Florida.  In addition, I will be conducting a separate seminar for the plumbing and heating apprentices who are attending PHCC CONNECT.

My travel plans now include an additional week in Texas in early November.  CLICK HERE to see my calendar.

PHCC CONNECT photos are forthcoming – hopefully they will look good.

I reached Fort Myers last Tuesday and taught a soft skills class at Ft. Myers Technical College.

My friend, Dave Wahl, is a terrific HVACR instructor.  Dave teaches and mentors the future workforce.

Student ages range from 20 to 47.  The younger ones are just getting started and the more experienced students seek the benefits that an HVACR career delivers.

After the Ft. Myers Technical College soft skills class, I drove south to Naples, Florida for three days of customer service training with Conditioned Air, the region’s premier service company.

Conditioned Air invests in their employees.  More than 100 employees were trained, including Client Care Representatives, Office Staff, Technicians and Managers.  The three day assignment was informative, insightful and candid.

Our Top 3 Customer Service Training Resources

Training & Managing System

Customer Service Training & Managing System

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Training System

Customer Service Training System

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Contractor Value Bundle

Contractor Value Bundle

Click above image to learn more.

Client Care Representatives and Office Staff learn about the importance of synergy along with being effective and efficient.  Interactive flip chart exercises enable employees to share ideas and then publish their findings.

In any educational setting, talkers are learners.  Instructional design must include fun and informative interaction so attendees can talk and learn.  This flip chart exercise is called The Sweet Spot.

Flip chart exercises should urge participants to brainstorm and get creative.  I tell my seminar attendees that neatness doesn’t count.  Ideas can get messy and that’s OK.

Another clever flip chart exercise involves using an acrostic in which seminar participants brainstorm customer service behaviors.

The behaviors can include the preparation required to exceed customer expectations or the post-event outcomes when customers convey their delight.

Using VALUE as an acrostic, participants discuss behaviors and the factors by which customers make buying decisions.

More blog posts are imminent as this trek continues.

If you’re located between Texas and Pennsylvania and interested in November training and consulting then call me at 610-853-9836.

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Steve Coscia

The road from professional musician to thirty-year customer service veteran to best-selling author and speaker is not a typical career path, but Steve Coscia may have started a new trend.

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  1. Hi, the TMACC Executive Director, Tim Phelps, recommended I contact you to find out if you will be in our area any time soon. Our location is in Malvern, PA, outside of the Philadelphia area.

    I’m a Customer Service Representative, actually have decent call success, but, internally, there is one staff member (of 8) that I have difficulty interacting with. Perhaps a conflict resolution course? Maybe you could suggest something else.

    Thank you,

    1. Thanks Diane. Yes, I remember Tim Phelps – he and I go back to 2002. Please call me at 610-853-9836 and we can discuss your needs and my availability.

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