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Is Anyone Listening?

Is Anyone Listening?

Some service professionals think listening is the same as hearing. This is a risky misconception because it leads people to believe listening is passive.  

Big mistake.

Hearing a message is a passive exercise; but listening to a message requires mental energy, and this makes listening the precursor to constructive action.  Namely… follow up.

Service professionals may get bombarded with multiple messages simultaneously, and this makes it chellenging to listen effectively. In the midst of a multitasking and busy environment, service professionals must still follow up so that customers feel valued and appreciated.

One my first local service company clients is Christian Heating and AC, Inc., and I am proud to be part of their success.  The below voice mail message speaks loudly about their company culture.

Wait for the customer’s remark about listening.

Service companies pride themselves with being technically proficient.  However, customers value and appreciate soft skills, such as listening, follow up and courtesy.

What motivated Christian’s customer to stop what she was doing, dial the company’s phone number and convey satisfaction?

The answer is: the unmistakable evidence that someone is actually listening and following up.

Service companies pride themselves with being technically proficient.  However, customers value and appreciate soft skills, such as listening, follow up and courtesy.

Mutual understanding improves when service professionals engage more of their sensory information.

Taking notes while listening utilizes two senses: listening and writing. Our ability to retain information increases when we take notes. Take it a step further and repeat the information back to the customer (this is called the echo technique), and you engage more sensory information.

A service professional’s ability to hear, qualify, and understand increases exponentially when they do three things: listen, take notes, and echo what was spoken.

The next time your customers ask: Is Anyone Listening? … the answer should be “Yes.”


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