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Employee Development: Saying “May I”

Employee Development: Saying “May I”

Employee development includes the subtle behaviors that add finesse and professionalism.

When asking a customer for their address, a service professional should ask, “May I please have the street address?” because this provides further courteous differentiation.
Using the phrases “May I,” “Please,” and “Thank you” has a dramatic effect on a customer encounter. The infusion of politeness results in two key benefits.
The first thing it does is to surprise and delight customers, since the service professional’s communication style is unexpected. The customer’s surprise is usually audible. This also helps establish a calm tone and demeanor during the call. The second benefit is the service professional’s halo effect, which results in greater customer flexibility. Both benefits simplify subsequent work.

Watch the video about two simple words that can change the way customers perceive your company.

Our mothers in many cases probably gave us our first and best customer service lesson when they taught us to say “May I,” “Please,” and “Thank you.” These polite words still work wonders toward building rapport with customers. The correct word along with a positive tone of voice transforms a greeting into something special.  And a customer’s first impression hinges on your company’s courtesy training and employee development.

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Employee Development

How can something so simple be so profound? The answer is not always obvious. Innovative service companies have included the phrases “May I,” “Please,” and “Thank you” into their culture in an effort to differentiate themselves from their competition.
Why? Because too many service companies do not inculcate this behavior as a core principle among their employees. And employee development is the key to future success.

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