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Discreet Or Discrete?

Discreet or Discrete?

Customer Service professionals must have a command of language.  If you speak English, then greater care is required.

And people wonder why the English language is so confusing.  Should I say discreet or discrete?

It’s like walking a tightrope!

Ever consider homophones (words that sound alike but are different in meaning and/or spelling)?

And people wonder why the English language is so confusing.

Discreet means to show restraint in one’s behavior or speech. When people are discreet, they hold back the words on the tip of their tongue. Listening to that inner voice’s advice to not editorialize shows good judgement in most cases. Being discreet is a worthwhile behavior, especially during adverse service events.

To learn more about editorializing and technicians who talk too much, CLICK HERE.

Discrete refers to items that are distinct or separate. An example might be when a technician organizes his tools into discrete toolbox drawers (i.e. “The plumbing apprentice was able to quickly find the wrench because tools were kept in discrete bins.”)

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