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Customer Service Stress Relief

Customer Service Stress Relief

Ask any phone rep and they’ll say that they seek customer service stress relief.

Almost 20 years ago, Martha MacCallum interviewed me about phone stress. Both she and I were younger back then… way before she went to Fox News.

My second book, Tele-Stress, featured the customer service industry’s first study on the physical and emotional manifestations of stress in the phone service environment.

Customer Service Stress Relief

During my customer service career, I experienced much stress.  This is because I have handled just about every customer service situation imaginable.  Along the way I learned that stress contributed to some of my failures.  So rather than allow stress to control me and the outcome of events, I decided to learn more about stress so I could learn to overcome it.

One of the most important things I’ve learned along the way is – each stressful experience that I overcame better prepared me to handle the stressful experiences that lay ahead.  My threshold for stressful events kept getting higher and higher as long as I continued handling new events.  The same thing will happen to anyone who stays constructive and keeps learning.

In life, we learn more from adversity when we remain constructive.  My Customer Service Stress Relief DVD contains valuable insight on this.

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Steve Coscia

The road from professional musician to thirty-year customer service veteran to best-selling author and speaker is not a typical career path, but Steve Coscia may have started a new trend.

Coscia is one of the most widely published and quoted authorities in the customer service industry. He has published more than 200 articles, four books and a series of training DVDs. His college curriculum is taught at institutions of higher learning throughout the United States and Canada.

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